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Matters of Interest

Dr. Gard's top 10 lessons learned from my clients:

1.  People will treat you the way you let them treat you.

2.  Growth is seldom linear and it is rarely comfortable.

3.  The right decision doesn't always feel good.

4.  You can be considerate of others without taking responsibility for their feelings.

5.  Just because you rely on someone doesn't mean that you are dependent upon them.

6.  It's important to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Many of us tend to ignore one   
     of these categories.

7.  You will be less apt to second-guess yourself if you learn to recognize, honor, and respect your 

8.  It is hard to feel confident if you're not being genuine.  Being true to yourself is the best way to 
     boost your confidence.

9.  You cannot overcome your fears if you don't confront them.

10. We are bombarded by messages dictating how we should look, dress, eat, think, and spend.  
      Ask yourself, "are these messages really in my best interest?"